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Maintain your image

 A day of maintenance in order to preserve the impression you want. 


Never go out of style with unlimited supreme treatment 

Minimize your maintenance with unlimited haircuts & beard services

Maintain your looks with unlimited haircuts


Reward Collection 

Supreme Club

Family Pass

Save $1,680



Use promo code "GOLDMEMBER
get 50% OFF


Reward Collection

Supreme Club




Use promo code "SRMEMBER"
get 30% OFF


Reward Collection

Supreme Club




Use promo code "JRMEMBER"
get 20% OFF


Reward Collection

Earn reward points towards other services

Supreme Club
Family Pass
Save $$$

Use your membership on any of your family members

Mobile App Booking

Exclusive lounge for you to relax

When you become a member...

when you become a member at Supreme Cut Barbershop you become apart of a tribute to our parents and families. it is thanks to them that we have inherited an unconditional passion and dedication to hospitality that is reflected in every detail you see here at supreme cut barbershop.


we strive to cultivate a premier barbershop that specializes in inspiring clients to reach their fullest potential in style, conversation & culture. 

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